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This is how things are done in Texas

After years of participation in International Leather SIR/boy contests, the board of directors announced that transmen are no longer welcome as contestants. Participation in International Leather SIR/boy will be limited to cisgender males. The board of directors noted that the law in their home state of Texas does not require the inclusion of transmen as it does other minority groups. The board of directors expressed their desire to return to the old days of exclusive gay cisgender male participation.

Hey, Leather transmen, maybe it is time to produce your own inclusive Leather community contests?



Nikki Araguz suffers under inconsistent and unjust Texas laws.

Nikki Araguz is a transgender female who married a Texas firefighter.  In 2010 she became a widow and the court denied her right to receive her husband’s death benefits.  Nikki wants to re-marry and the state of Texas claims she cannot legally marry her fiance.