Nikki Araguz suffers under inconsistent and unjust Texas laws.

Nikki Araguz is a transgender female who married a Texas firefighter.  In 2010 she became a widow and the court denied her right to receive her husband’s death benefits.  Nikki wants to re-marry and the state of Texas claims she cannot legally marry her fiance.



2 thoughts on “Nikki Araguz suffers under inconsistent and unjust Texas laws.

    1. lion2012 Post author

      Hi Clare,

      Thanks for your comment. It’s still too early for a federal challenge. Nikki is just starting her fight at the county level and collecting evidence to use against Texas. If you visit her website you will see
      a list of Nikki’s legal representatives. It’s likely that Nikki is proceeding under their guidance as we speak. I think this will be an interesting case to follow.



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