COVID-19 Community Response Grant. Share, Apply or Donate!

National Black Trans Advocacy Coalition is accepting applications online for the Black Trans COVID-19 Community Response Grant Program. Trans individuals impacted by the corona virus in the United States are eligible to apply to receive a one time Mirco Grant of up to $125 from one of the following Relief Funds:

Trans Masculine, Trans Feminine or Trans GNC/Non-binary
Golden Flame Senior 55+
People living with HIV
Ball/House and Pageant
Health Care Workers on The Front-Line

It Takes A Village!

Community Donations
Now more than ever we must unite as a community. If you would like to donate to the Black Trans COVID-19 Community Response Grant program, please donate in one of the following ways:

✔ Donate a one time or reoccurring gift to help us reach our $100,000 rapid response goal
✔ Pledge your stimulus check through #ShareMyCheck
✔ Support BTAC by shopping at Kroger – Link your Kroger Shoppers Card

How to Link your Kroger Community Rewards? Visit Once logged into your Kroger account, search for NATIONAL BLACK TRANS ADVOCACY COALITION either by name or PC840 and then click Enroll.