About Trans*Life


I am, Leo, the writer of Trans*Life Zine. This website  is one of my online creative voices.  Around 2006, I wrote a blog called TransCurrents. That blog focused on the trans-related current events around the SF Bay Area.  I had fun with it and then I put it aside.

A few years later, I became a co-leader of a support group for ftms of color. That experience increased my desire to connect with trans folks in general. Connecting with other people with a trans history, even though different from my history, puts me in a happy place. I believe there is a joy to be found when interacting with people who had to consciously create their lives. They are making lemonade out of lemons.

Fast forward: I decided to write another blog that was more open and fun and featured a variety of Trans*Life news, with a bit of “pretty” thrown in. I hope you enjoy Trans*Life — a digitally-clean, computer-lit place on the web by, for and about Trans*Life.

You can follow this zine on twitter,  @TransLifeZine. Look for my FTMsOfColor in San Francisco on twitter and fb. Also check out, Generations: LGBT Black History Event on fb

As you can see from the links above, I am the social type. I enjoy using the power of social media for good. Let me know if you or your organization want some assistance with your social media projects

Feel free to send me some text and say “Hi!”


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