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Transgender man recognized as father in Japan

The Supreme Court of Japan upheld the petition of a transgender man to be recorded in the official family registry as the father of the child born to his wife by artificial insemination.

The Court ruled that the law on people suffering from sexual identity disorder calls for legally treating female-to-male transgender people as men.

Transgender men not only become husbands under the law, but are also presumed to be the fathers of children born to their wives during marriage.

Go Shindo, Japanese world boxing champ comes out as transgender

In May of this year, Go Shindo won the WBC female flyweight title from Hungarian champ Renata Szebeledi. Recently, Shindo announced that she is transgender. Shindo, assigned female at birth, is living with gender identity disorder and identifies as male. Shindo decided to go public so that her story could be inspirational to others living with g.i.d.


Transgender man’s petition to be recognized as legal parent denied by Japanese court.

In Japan, an unnamed transgender man has been denied the right to be the legal parent of the infant that his lawful wife gave birth to through artificial insemination. Although the man is registered as male and the couple legally married in 2008, the court ruled that the child cannot be adopted by the father because they are not biologically related.